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The Krox have launched their final offensive. Ternus stands at the edge of the abyss, and Shaya will not help. Defying Confederate Command, Major Voria leads her crew to assist the beleagured world.

But their enemies are many, and their resources few. Even the mighty First Spellship may not be enough to push back the Krox offensive, assuming Voria can get it ready in time.

Aran and his company are dropped behind enemy lines to support the Ternus military, but without Nara they have no true mage to combat the enemy binders. 

Meanwhile, Nara seeks answers to her past, and to come to grips with the woman she once was. She must discover her connection to the goddess Nefarius, and learn the truth about the augury showing that she will kill Voria. Her quest reunites her with her friend Frit, but not in the manner either would have chosen.